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without creating duplicated work

Providers are currently asked 50-80% of the same questions by different teams within government, creating duplicated work for everybody. 

Information is requested through emails and word templates, meaning there’s no way to re-use this information.

Accreditron saves your information for the future - so if you get asked a question again, we just auto-fill your previous answer for review.

We’ve also re-written the questions to make processes clear, straightforward, and painless.

An inter-agency provider profile
Get everybody on the same page

Currently, it's a challenge to share basic information about a provider among teams within government. For example, during an RFP it’s easier to ask the provider if they’re accredited - rather than finding out internally.

Government workers can't see a holistic view of an organisation, and their interactions with government.

The provider profile contains basic information about a provider: services (funded and unfunded), what teams they’re working with, reports (such as Accreditation) and other basic details.

The provider profile is collaborative - information is updated by both the provider and government staff.

A better view of the social sector

Social sector information is currently scattered among different teams and systems, each piece only giving part of the picture. Accreditron collects data holistically, aiming to show all aspects of a social sector organisation - not just the aspects that government traditionally cares about.

This information will help answer big questions about the social sector, such as finding service gaps in communities.

Private and Secure

Accreditron is undertaking a thorough security review, so you can be sure data is safe and secure. We take data privacy seriously - your information is yours. Accreditron is always transparent about where information is going and what it will be used for.

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