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manage your compliance online

Accreditron facilitates
purposeful government interactions
for Social Service Providers

Government Agency Partners

Spend less time and energy on paperwork

spend more time with your community

All-of-Government Approach

To effectively save time, reduce risk, and help agencies make better decisions, we are taking an all-of-government approach. Breaking through government silos means that social service providers will have a more fluid government interaction.

A Streamlined Process

Our easy step-by-step system makes submitting information a quick, painless experience. Only answer the same question once, so your next submission will save you even more time. With our platform government now has a clearer picture of the social sector they can ask less repetitive questions.

Transparent and Secure

Know your information is safe in transit and have visibility over who you're sharing your organisation's information with.

Save time completing your Accreditation

Funding due-diligence is easier and more transparent.

Submit your information online

Rather than a paper form and long email-chains, Accreditron lets you submit your Pre-Assessment online.

A better experience

We've re-thought the Accreditation Pre-Assessment process to make it clearer, faster, and easier to complete.

All your organisation's information in one dashboard

Safely manage and maintain your organisations compliance documentation.

Only answer the same question once

Any information you submit through Accreditron is stored in your private dashboard. If you get asked for it in the future, we'll have it ready to go - and if you need to share this info with your team, it's all in one place.

Never lose information

Some documents need to be stored for 7 years. Ensure your information is safe and secure in the cloud, and can't be lost in a fire or have coffee spilled on it.

Manage your staff files confidently

Keep your staff files up to date and track expired documents.

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Hands off compliance

Are your police vets up to date? Do you have all of the correct information stored? Are your processes compliant?

Our tool automatically checks the compliance of your staff files - and if there's an issue, you're notified right away.

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We have designed Accreditron by working closely with Social Service Providers. Your feedback is the best way to help us serve the social sector.