Accreditron is a web platform for the Social Sector.

It saves time for providers & government, gives key insights, and keeps New Zealanders safer.

Government Agency Partners

Get a comprehensive view of New Zealand’s Social Sector


There are 12 Central Government Agencies, DHBs, and Regional Councils interacting with New Zealand’s social sector.


All of these agencies and organisations have unique technical systems and processes.


Accreditron is a web-based platform enabling cross-agency information sharing and provides a comprehensive view of the social sector.


Reduce Risk

Accurate, verified information reduces risk for many business units within Government: Procurement, Contracting, Accreditation, Monitoring, Due Diligence, etc.

“If somebody somewhere else in government is currently having issues with a provider, I need to know about it as soon as possible - as it affects the safety of my clients”
Contract Monitoring Team Insight

Remove Duplicated Work

Currently the burden of sharing this information between agencies is put on providers - by every agency repeatedly asking them for the same information.

“This will save us so much time! Because we have so many piles of paperwork to get through.”

Accurate social sector data reduces risk.

Find the gaps in Services

Some areas of the Social Sector are patchy. These areas might have demand, but no services available or a lack of funding to fill it. Accreditron helps find these gaps by showing service information across the sector.

Map funded & unfunded services with tags

A large portion of social services are funded by philanthropy, and volunteer time. As current systems aren't designed to record information about unfunded services, this large portion of our social sector is invisible to government.

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Our collaborative approach ensures the highest level of accuracy

Information is added to Accreditron by both providers, government, and other data sources. This means that everyone who needs it has the latest and most accurate picture.

Transparent & Secure

From a provider's perspective, government is a black box - when they hand over information, they don’t really know where it’s going.
We have the opportunity to change that and are committed to doing so. Accreditron clearly shows where information is going, who can access it, and for what purpose.

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