Accreditron makes
a piece of cake


Accreditron is a collection of tools to make any audit-like process efficient, painless, and consistent.

Information Requests

Efficiently collect answers and documentation online

Almost all audit-like processes start by requesting information from another organisation. Requests do this quickly and clearly, online.

Supply information once and for all.

Often organisations have to repeatedly supply the same information. One organisation we knew was going through 35 audits per year while having to supply 50-80% of the same information!

Accreditron automatically handles these duplicated questions. Responders never have to answer a question twice.


Publish documents with secure third party access

Findings and outcomes are produced to be shared. However, as these documents often include sensitive information, managing their access is a challenge.

Our reports feature makes publishing and sharing reports across large or multiple organisations a breeze.


Resolve issues before they become problems

Issues and tasks will often fall out of audit processes. An Action is a collaborative place to track progress on issues, which promotes clear communication and input from both parties. Keep track of the small things!


Put your data to work

Most audit data is collected on paper or email, where it never sees the light of day again. As we collect rich data, we can use it to ask the tricky questions - unlock the information you’re already collecting.

Enterprise Grade

Built for government use, we can support your enterprise needs and security requirements.

Privacy Focused

We take data privacy very seriously. Retain full control and transparency of your information.

Continuously Improving

As a SAAS product, we are continually adding features to make your processes smoother.