Information Ownership

Who owns the information in Accreditron? Is a question we get asked a lot. This document is our plain-english response to that question.

So who owns the information?

When an organisation uploads information to Accreditron, they retain full ownership and control of that information. Accreditron doesn't hold any claim to that information. This means we will not use any of your organisation's information without your approval or command.

Accreditron is a communication tool - this means we:

As an organisation using Accreditron, your responsibilities are to:

Removal of information

If you wish to remove your organisation's information from Accreditron, please contact [email protected] and we will do so. However please note that we can only remove information that is controlled by your organisation.

For example, another organisation has published a report about your organisation which you would like removed. That report is owned by the other organisation, so we cannot remove that report without permission from the other organisation.

Other than in the case of abuse or misuse of the system, Accreditron will cooperate as a neutral party when resolving any disputes between organisations using Accreditron.